About Sand Travel PR

SAND Travel PR is a unique and effective marketing agency that is telling one of the most important travel stories to be told right now, and that is the story of Africa.

We work with exceptional brands who daily give so much of themselves to protect and promote Africa, collaborating with them to create strategic and results-driven marketing campaigns to elevate the narrative around their beautifully crafted experiences and impactful conservation efforts.

In these uncertain times, the travel industry has been thrown sideways by Covid-19 and especially our beautiful areas of Africa where travel has come to a standstill. There is still a long road of recovery ahead, but we won’t lose heart in our efforts. Travelling to Africa is a transformational experience and through travel we have the opportunity to empower people and protect wilderness. So we continue to tell the stories and prepare for the day when travellers will once again be captivated by this continent.  Contact us to work with us.