8 Smart packing tips from an intrepid female traveller

8 Smart packing tips from an intrepid female traveller:  Suzanne Bayly-Coupe, Owner of Classic Portfolio

Cape Town, August 2019 – The owner of the successful travel marketing company, Classic Portfolio, Suzanne Bayly-Coupe, travels just about every week to the most far-flung corners of the African continent which makes her a serious frequent flyer and an intrepid traveller. Here are her tried and true tips for preparing the essentials, from the perspective of a woman, when travelling across Africa, whether it’s to the rainforests of the Congo, the beaches of Mozambique or to the Namib Desert.

Try to keep to hand luggage only

Pack light but be practical. Instead of packing items like heavy jeans and thick sweaters, it is preferable to wear breathable options like micro-fleece pullovers or basic t-shirts and lightweight pants. Ensure you can layer those pieces of clothing for colder nights as temperatures across Africa tend to fluctuate.

Always have a kikoy (a versatile fabric wrap)

Kikoys are absolutely brilliant for traveling. They’re lightweight, versatile and can be worn as a dress, or inspired styles of skirts, scarfs and shawls. They also have infinite ways to be doubled up as a pillow, sunshade or a beach mat.

For lips and eyes

I always have Zam-Buk and eye drops.  Africa’s climate can be harsh on the moisture of your skin and eyes. During the day, temperatures can be very hot and dry but then drop drastically at night. Zam-Buk herbal ointment is a ‘doctor in a tin’ and very useful to moisturise dry, flaky skin or to soothe scrapes, burns and insect bites.  Eye-drops are essential for those unpredictable, dusty days.

Battery bank for charging my phone on the go

In an age of smartphones, laptops and digital cameras, travel gadgets need charging. If your travel plans involve long journeys or locations in the wilderness, a portable battery bank is a great investment to have.

Good sunscreen

The African sun can be relentless and can do some real damage.  Investing in an effective sunscreen is crucial. “I seldom take a hat with me on my travels as I keep losing them, but I use a really good sunscreen for protection. At the moment, I am using Heliocare” says Suzanne.

Top-notch manicure and pedicure

This is not so much a packing tip as it is a beauty tip. Keeping your nails in style and in good shape helps if you’re embarking on a more rugged traveling adventure.  “I use a dark colour and a shellac for my manicures and pedicures before a big trip.”

Great shoes for walking plus a pair of flip-flops

Reduce the number of shoes you pack. If you are planning to walk a lot, a good pair of sturdy walking shoes is important for protecting your feet. But if you’re not always opting for the bush, flip-flops are great for long days under the hot African sun.

Anywhere in Africa, take a small set of Swarovski binoculars

Binoculars are the perfect, compact traveling companion and ideal for looking at vast landscapes and city skylines. Enjoy a front-seat view spotting plants and animals in the wilderness on your travels.

All of these packing tips and items have been tried and tested by Suzanne throughout her adventures trekking across Africa – but of course additional essentials include cash, and her emergency ‘girl-zone’ packed with feminine supplies, just in case she forgets what time of the month it is.

Note to Editors

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